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Careful What U Wish 4

Third Wish's follow up album to their 1996 release of 'Y'.
Third Wish is a hard rock, heavy metal to blues band with a unique twist, yet somewhat familiar feel. Poised and ready to release the magically energetic and highly explosive guitars and vocals backed with a powerful rhythmic backbone. Third Wish has something to say lyrically as well. Pointing out the way things really are and the way they ought to be, sometimes funny, occasionally blue, but always on track of life's ironic twists and turns.
So come on a journey only they can take you on and witness the powerful songwriting magic of Third Wish and their latest release from smokin' lamp records "Careful What U Wish 4".

1 Rise Again by Third Wish  
2 Dare to Dream by Third Wish  
3 Picnic by Third Wish  
4 Destiny by Third Wish  
5 Calling My Name by Third Wish  
6 Misery & Pain by Third Wish  
7 Water Under the Bridge by Third Wish  
8 False Sanctuary by Third Wish  
9 Change in the Weather full length by Third Wish  
10 Wishes 1 & 2 by Third Wish